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          Hello Everyone and Welcome!

I am glad you came to my site!  I am now a Producer of Films and I love it!  I still do some casting, but being a Producer is where my love is now!  I have had the privilege of being taught the ropes of producing by the famous RALPH SINGLETON!  He took me under his wing and here I am today!  Thanks Ralph! You are the best! This site is all about the movie business, music business, workshops, seminars, auditions, casting, actors, singers, dancers, models, and more!  If you ever wanted to know anything about the entertainment industry, I hope you can find it here! 

I have been in the movie business since 1985. I started off as a Casting Director, and I am now Producing Independent Films!  This is a passion of mine, and I love this business so much!  I also do Product Placement, as well as helping to find cast and crew, locations and funding for projects.  This is a tough business, but it is something that I want to do.  I still love meeting people and doing some casting, as with casting, you get to meet so many new people!

If you are looking to hire a Producer or Casting Director, or someone to help you with Product Placement, please email me and I will get right back to you!  If you are an actor, just looking for information, please know that you can email me too, as I do not mind answering questions!  We are all in this world for something, and I am in the world to help others!  So, if you have a question, please feel free to ask!

This site will have tons of information for you. Please click on each link to find out info onCasting/Auditions, Workshops, Headshots  (Did I say I was a photographer too?), Investing in Films, Agents, Casting Directors, and just so much more!  I will try to have as much information on my site that you can use for your career advancement!  Enjoy!



It has come to my attention that there are some companies that are posting my casting call for extras and Principals and saying you have to pay them to sign up with them, to be submitted.  I just want you to know that you do not have to go that route.  Make sure you do your research on any company that you are looking into, and especially if they ask for "upfront" money.
There is no charge for you to be submitted to be an extra in a film!  If there are companies that are telling you that you have to pay them something for you to be listed with them, to be submitted, DO NOT PAY!  You can go straight through me, and there is no charge at all!  WE WILL PAY YOU!  Now, if you already have an agent, and I have contacted your agent to submit you, and you get the role, you will pay your agent their fee, which could be 10% to 20%.  There are many legitimate agents out there! Some agents do require you to pay to be on their website, which is legitimate, as long as it is reasonable.  Just be careful, beware, and do your research and check everyone out!


Have Fun!  Be Positive!  Know it....OWN IT!  You CAN do it!!

You only have one time to make a good impression, so make it GREAT!!


Check out the trailer for MERMAID TREASURE:


Check out the new trailer for "ONE LAST SUNSET"
Posted 9-28-09


Check this out, and click the link, as it is a clipping about MAIN STREET, starring Orlando Bloom, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson, Amber Tamblyn, Colin Firth


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Click on this link to see the trailer for THE MILL!  Warning!  This is a thriller film!!


Check out the Praise Band trailer:
"A Tale About Bootlegging"
GREAT NEWS!!!!!  "A TALE ABOUT BOOTLEGGING" just won BEST FEATURE FILM award at the CINEMA CITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, week of Sept 29, 2008, in Los Angeles, California!  WOOHOO!  We are so excited!



My Pledge To You....  I will strive to keep information updated as often as I can. I will always be honest and sincere with all my messages to you.  I believe in God, Angels and I love Butterflies! If you ever want to talk about anything, I will be open for discussion.  We all have made mistakes in our life.  I know I have.  BUT...I also know that I have learned so much for making so many mistakes! I believe that LIFE is a "learning tool".  We learn from the mistakes so that we can continue to be a better person, and possibly help someone else along the way.  I will not "preach" to you, but know, that I am here for you if you have questions.  I may not can answer them all, but I will try to find the answer. I believe that I am here on this Earth to help others, so what can I do to help you?

*Stop, look and listen.....God's voice is in the wind!  You never know what you might hear! Copyright 2007 Maxann


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