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Here is a list of the agents that I have worked with in the past.  Please note that I DO NOT recommend any agent, as it is up to you to find the right agent that will fulfill your needs.  I am also listing some Casting Directors here too.  Please do not call the Casting Directors, as they are always very busy.  Thanks!


JTA                                           Charlotte, NC

Carolina Talent               Charlotte, NC

Evolution    Charlotte, NC


Charlotte NC

Talent One                     Raleigh, NC

Terri Dollar                   Raleigh, NC


919.785.1223 / 919.781.1109 (fax)


329 13th Ave NW *mailing address*

Hickory NC 28601

10 21st Ave NW Suite 252B *office location

828-322-8553 office

828-322-3224 fax


Rusty Wiggs


Victor Joyner

Maultsby Talent Agency
Southeast Office: (336) 638-1797
NY Office: (212) 613-2219 or (646) 357-0842

Mailing Address
4441 Sixforks Rd Suite 106
PMB# 204
Raleigh, NC 27609

Talent Inc.                      Charlotte NC

Talent Link                     Charlotte NC

CONNECTIONS Mgt           Hickory, NC

DIRECTIONS                    Greensboro, NC


MARILYNS                       Greensboro, NC

COASTAL Talent               Mt Pleasant, SC

REEL SISTERS TALENT        Wilmington, NC

EAST COAST Talent Agency  Georgia

Z1 Models and Talent    Chester, SC


WILLIAM  PETTIT Agency     Charlotte, NC

TOMMI LONG JONES Agency        Charlotte, NC

HOT SHOT KIDS                Georgia

THE PEOPLE STORE           Georgia

HOUGHTON Talent           Georgia

Millie Lewis                 Charleston, SC
Millie Lewis              Columbia SC


HARVEST TALENT           Columbia, SC

HUTSON AGENCY                  VA

TALENT TREK               NC and Tennessee


Allure Image Management   Charlotte, NC

THE STONE AGENCY             Charlotte, NC

KIDZACT  Talent              NC

BB Talent                           GA

Sunshine Gantt Talent Management
Business Owner: Sunshine Gantt
Telephone number: 864-674-7744
Websites: Links listed below. Second one listed in mobile device compatible.

T3 Talent                           Spartanburg SC

Susan Tolar Walters


PO Box 43083, Jacksonville, Florida  32203


Mary Davis-Johnson  Agent

DISCOVER TALENT        Raleigh, NC


Jennifer Durazzo 919-522-5148

Bridget O'Brien 919-677-8300

MTM  Raleigh Location

601 Cascade Pointe Lane

Suite 103

Cary NC 27513

MTM Charlotte Location

810 Tyvola Road

Suite 100

Charlotte NC 28208

DeAbreu Modeling

(+1) 803.237.4583

Darlene McDowell
Owner/Executive Director
9005 Overlook Blvd.
Brentwood, TN 37027


Tucker MarCom, LLC

Model Talent Division

Post Office Box 7825

Hilton Head Island, SC 29938



The Jana VanDyke Agency

Atlanta, Ga

Misty Griggs

Advantage Talent Agency

230 Franklin Rd    Suite 802

Franklin, TN  37064


Charles Patterson

Pat's Modeling

Durham, NC

(+1) 704.905.6324
108 Hay Street  Suite 210
Fayetteville, NC  28301 

1301 16th Ave South, Suite 203, Nashville, TN 37212
 (615) 457-1164 � (615) 457-1165 (Fax) ‎
Josh Robbins
Owner | Agent

Craze Agency

9176 S. 300 W. Suite 3

Salt Lake City, Utah 84070


Establish in 1998

Member: A rating BBB



Established Jan. 1 1999


Craze Agency

410 S. Orchard St. #146

Boise, Idaho 83705


Establish in 2005

Member: A rating BBB



Jessica O'Day
(512) 905-2116              
New Orleans, LA




 Here is a new agency!


We do:
Promotional Work/Live event marketing
Photo Shoots
New Talent can email headshots and resumes to:

Kristen V. Fesnak
The Vanet Agency
Bookings Dept.
 Karen Abercrombie-Pickett
 Elite Kids Talent Agency
 148 Castle Drive
 Mooresville,NC 28117

587 Tracy Sampson Road
Pembroke, North Carolina 28372
Woody Sampson/Owner

*Talent....if you have ever had any problems at all with any of the agents listed above, PLEASE let me know ASAP!

*Agents if you want your link added, just let me know!  Also, please advise if there is a broken link! 

If links do not work, please copy and paste into your browser.  If they still aren't working, please email me!  THANKS!!!!




Jackie Burch                      Wilmington, NC

Jackie is on Facebook now!


Fincannon and Associates    Wilmington, NC


Marty Siu                             Charlotte, NC

Marty is on FACEBOOK now!


Corrigan and Johnston          Charlotte, NC


Richard Futch                      Charleston, SC


Marty Cherrix                           NC


Tona Dahlquist                         SC


Jordan Beswick                         NC/NY  (Acting Coach also)


Catrine McGregor                     NC


David Schifter                           Wilmington, NC


Tracey Kilpatrick


Phil Newsome              Winston Salem, NC area

Juli Emmons Rock Hill SC



Helen Kearney Konen 
If anyone would like information on children's, teen's or adult classes, please call Helen Kearney Konen at 704 540-7781 or email or go to the site: 

Jordan Beswick                       Greensboro, NC

Sunnie Pennington                       Wilmington, NC 


The Fountains

8145 Ardrey Kell Rd Suite 204

Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: 704-290-9054


If I have worked with you and you are not listed, please email me!

If you would like your website added, please let me know!

Hollywood/Los Angeles Agents

Agencies in Hollywood or L.A. Area

I have people all the time ask me if I know any of the agents in Hollywood or Los Angeles.
Here is a list of Agents in that area.  I do not know if this is a complete list or if these are
still in, here you go!  I don't have addresses or telephone numbers.
I do not know anything else except what I have posted here.
Good luck!  Break a Leg!  Keep me posted!

A.S.A. Talent
Abrams Artists Agency
Acme Talent & Literary Agency
Actors LA
Agency for the Performing Arts (APA)
Aimée Entertainment
AKA Talent Agency
Allen Talent Agency
Allure Models and Talent Agency
Alvarado Rey Agency
Amatruda Benson & Associates
Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier
Angel City Talent
Artist Management Agency
Artists Agency
The Artists Group
The Austin Agency
Avalon Artists Group
Badgley Connor Talent Agency
Baier-Kleinman International
Baldwin Talent
Bobby Ball Talent Agency
Baron Entertainment
Marc Bass Agency
Bauman Redanty & Shaul Talent Agency²
Marian Berzon Talent Agency
Bicoastal Talent
Bonnie Black Talent Agency
The Blake Agency
Bloc Talent Agency
Boutique, Talent Agency
Brand Model & Talent Agency
Sonjia Warren Brandon's Commercials Unlimited
Brass Artists & Associates
Kelly Bresler & Associates
Don Buchwald & Associates²
Iris Burton Agency
Career Artists International
Carry Company Talent Agency
Castle-Hill Talent Agency
Catalyst Talent Agency
Cavaleri & Associates
Celestine Agency
Cerise Talent Agency
Nancy Chaidez Agency and Associates
The Charles Agency
The Chasin Agency
Chateau Billings Talent Agency
Chic Models Talent Agency
Circle Talent Associates
CL Inc
W Randolph Clark Company
Clear Talent Group
Colleen Cler Agency
Coast To Coast Talent Group
Commercial Talent Agency
Conan and Associates Carroll
Contemporary Artists
Coralie Jr. Theatrical Agency
Corsa Agency, The
Creative Artists Agency¹
The Culbertson Argazzi Group
Cunningham, Escott, Slevin, Doherty Talent Agency
DDO Artists Agency
Defining Artists Talent Agency
Diverse Talent Group
DMG Artists Management
Dragon Talent
DTA Talent Agency
Elite of Los Angeles Talent Agency
Ellis Industries
Ellis Talent Group
Endeavor Talent Agency
Equinox Models and Talent
Ferrar Media Associates, Talent Agency
Film Artists Associates
Flick East & West Talents
Fontaine Talent, Fontaine Music
Gwyn Foxx Talent Agency
Alice Fries Agency
G V A Talent Agency
Gage Group Inc²
Dale Garrick International
The Geddes Agency
Laya Gelff Agency
Paul Gerard Talent Agency
The Don Gerler Agency
The Gersh Agency²
Global Artists Agency
Gordon, Michelle & Associates
Grant, Savic, Kopaloff and Associates
Greene & Associates
Halliday, Buzz & Associates
Mitchell J. Hamilburg Agency
Beverly Hecht Agency
Henderson & Romo Incorporated
Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency
Daniel Hoff Agency
Hollander Talent Group
House of Representatives Talent Agency
Howard Talent West
HWA Talent Representatives
Identity Talent Agency
IFA Talent Agency²
Impact Talent Group
Imperium 7
Independent Artists Agency
Innovative Artists Agency²
International Creative Management¹
J L A (Jack Lippman Agency)
JFA Jaime Ferrar Agency
JS Represents, Talent Agency
The Kaplan-Stahler-Gumer
Kazarian/Spencer & Associates²
Sharon Kemp Talent Agency
Kerwin William Agency
Paul Kohner Agency
L A Talent
Lane, Susan Talent Agency
Leavitt Talent Group
Lenhoff & Lenhoff, Talent Agency
The Levin Agency
Ken Lindner & Associates
LJ and Associates
Lovell & Associates
Jana Luker Talent Agency
LW 1
Lynne & Reilly Agency
Mademoiselle Talent Agency
Malaky International
Maxine's Talent Agency
The McCabe Group
McDonald Selznick and Associates
Media Artists Group
Metropolitan Talent Agency
Miramar Talent Agency
Modelinque Talent Agency
Morgan Agency
William Morris Agency
H. David Moss Talent Agency
N T A Talent Agency
Susan Nathe & Associates
Nu Talent Agency
Oh My Nappy Talent Agency
O'Neill Talent Group
Orange Grove Group
Origin Talent, Talent Agency
Osbrink Talent Agency
Pacific West Artists Talent Agency
Pakula King & Associates
Paradigm Talent Agency²
The Partos Company
Peak Models & Talent
Pha'Zic Talent
John Pierce Agency
Pinnacle Commercial Talent
Players Talent Agency
Privilege Talent Agency
Progressive Artists
PTI Talent Agency
Q Model Management
Qualita Dell' Arte
Rebel Entertainment Partners
Regwan Talent Agency
Rogers Orion Talent Agency
Cindy Romano Modeling & Talent Agency
S D B Partners
Sanger Talent Agency
Sarnoff Company
The Savage Agency
Jack Scagnetti Talent Agency
The Irv Schechter Company
Sandie Schnarr Talent
Judy Schoen & Associates
Kathleen Schultz Associates Talent Agency
Screen Artists Agency
Shapira & Assoc
Shapiro-Lichtman Talent Agency
Jerome Siegel Associates
Sky Talent Agency
Michael Slessinger & Associates (MSA)
SMS Talent
The Sohl Agency
Solid Talent
Special Artists Agency
Scott Stander & Associates
Star Born Talent
Starcraft, Talent Agency
Starwill Talent Agency
Steinberg's Agency
The Stevens Group
Stone Manners Agency
Peter Strain and Associates
Mitchell K. Stubbs & Associates
Superior Talent Agency
Sutton, Barth & Vennari
SWB Theatrical Group
Tannen & Assoc
Thomas Talent Agency
Arlene Thornton & Associates
Tilmar Talent Agency
United Talent Agency (UTA)¹
US Talent Agency
Vision Art Management
Vision Models
Vox Inc.
Wallis Agency
Bob Waters Agency
Ann Waugh Talent Agency
William Morris Agency¹
Shirley Wilson & Associates
World Class Sports
Wyckoff and Associates
Xpose Entertainment
Zanuck, Passon & Pace

Here are some Management Companies:
ARC Talent Management
A & R Management
Abbey Casey Talent
Ad Astra Management
Artist's Way Management
Arts and Letters Management
Basra Entertainment
Betwixt Talent Management
Black Orchid Entertainment
Blackwood Talent Management
BluBay Talent Management
Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
CP Entertainment
Calliope Talent Management
Candee Barshop
Carey Management
Carol Morris Management
Central Artists
Chancellor Entertainment
Chris Snyder Management
The Coppage Company
David Belenzon Management
David Masterson Management
Dorothy Findlater Management
Drama 3/4 Management
Dream Talent
Duck-Lit Productions
Earl Shank Personal Management
Encore! Artist Management
Endurance Talent Management
Endure Management
Exclusive Talent Management
GLO Enterprises
Global One
Green Key Management
Guardian Angel Management
Hazen Talent Management
Himber Entertainment
Holly J. Lebed Personal Management
Hollywood Management Company
Incognito Management
Jerome Martin Entertainment (JME)
JPC Talent
Jaime Monroy Entertainment
Jeffrey Loseff Management
Joey Edmonds Management
The Kasch Company
LHB Entertainment
Lamblet Talent Management
Landis-Simon Productions & Talent Management
Lane Management Group
Lawson Artist Management
Legend Management
Linda Reitman Management
Little Stars Management
The Lliteras Group
Lone Eagle Productions
MGA Talent
MGC/Cushman Entertainment Group
MM Gertz Entertainment
Mack Muse Entertainment
Maier Management
Management 101
Mark Robert Management
Marnie Cooper Management
The Marshak/Zachary Company
Martin Weiss Management
The Michael Abrams Group
Michael Wallach Management
Midwest Talent Management
Millennium Entertainement
Mimi Weber Management
Myrna Lieberman Management
9 Mile Management
NCL Talent
Nebula Management
New Talent Management
Omni Entertainment
Omnipop Talent Group
PB Management
Park Place Management
Paul Cantor Enterprises
Personal Management
Players Project Talent Management
Polaris Entertainment
Premier Talent
Principata-Young Entertainment
Reach for the Stars
Red Baron Management
Ridini Entertainment Corporation
Robin Brooks Management
Rocklin Management
Roz Tillman Management
Sauers Artists
Saxon Associates Management
Seekers Entertainment
Seven Summits Pictures & Management
Sha'lin Talent Management
Shallon Star Management Group
Shirley Grant Management(AKA Bi-Coastal Management Company)
Skye Management
Society Entertainment
Spellman Paul Entertainment
Station 3 Entertainment
Steel Reel Talent
Stein Entertainment
Studio Talent Group
The Suchin Company
The Susan Smith Company
TAG Talent Management
TalentInk, LA-NY
Temptation Management
Trusik Talent Management
Ultimate Talent Group
Warner Management
Wendee Cole Management
Wizards Entertainment
Ziemba Talent & Associates