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This page is dedicated to film projects, commercials, documentaries, videos, infomercials, student films, film shorts, print, and all major motion films in which I may or may not be working on. I will post any project that I am working on or other project that I am not working on and pass this information on to others.  If you have a project that you would like for me to list on my site, please let me know.  You will always get the credit that it is YOUR project!

This is a free service that I offer!  I hope that some of you who are building your resume, will take advantage of some of the projects that I have listed.  These are great resume builders, and you need the experience if you are not experienced, so try to do as many as you can, even if they are not paying jobs!  Of course, that is, if it is reasonable for you! 

I will also post Workshops here, but I have a WORKSHOP link as well.  Sometimes, it is just as quick to post a little blurb on workshops here.  Workshops are great for you to learn your craft, practice with a Casting Director (that is who will help you through the casting process!), and sometimes I hold workshops with other casting directors as well. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions!  If I am working on any project that I post, I will say that I am working on it.  If I am NOT working on it, please do not contact me with more information, as I only know what I have posted!  Some of the projects that I post are PRIVILEGED!  Meaning, I was given permission to post this.  Please DO NOT copy and post any of my information without my permission first.  There is a reason for this!  Hope this helps you out in your career of acting!  Blessings to all!


Here is the Casting Information:
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*If you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it!  Remember that you need training, classes, workshops, etc., to make yourself the best you can be.  Sure, it costs money to do this, but you HAVE to be prepared and you HAVE to know what to do.  If you come to a casting unprepared or don't know how to slate, where to look while auditioning, or what to do when you leave,...then you have wasted the Casting Director's time, the Production time and your time.

*Always be prepared! Always be professional in what you do!  Be your best!  Do your best!  Always leave with a thank you, and maybe even send a thank you note!  You want that Casting Director to remember you!  By sending a postcard with your headshot on one side, you can have your face in front of the Casting Director.  Myself...yes, I like to get postcards!  It reminds me of who you are and the gesture is nice!

*BREAK A LEG!  Blessings to all!