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Entertainment Empires Magazine

Welcome to the Entertainment Empires Magazine page!

I have embarked on a new venture!


I am the co-founder of the new online magazine, ENTERTAINMENT EMPIRES!
We will have all kinds of information for everyone in the entertainment industry
and we will be having lots of star interviews, interviews on up and coming stars,
castings, auditions, modeling, acting, singing, etc!

If you have a product, you can put your ad in the magazine.  
You can also put yourself in the magazine and put your resume in!

FULL PAGE.............  $250/month
HALF PAGE..............$175
1/4 or Business Card..$125

Check it out!  We are just beginning, but with your help, I am sure this will be
the magazine that everyone trusts for the REAL DEAL info!

Let us know if you have suggestions!  We are always open!