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Important Information for Extras!

This is valuable information that extras need while wanting to work on a film, commercial, Industrial or other!

Extras are needed to make the scene seem real!  You are very important to the scene!  If you are asked to be an extra, you should be available to work 12-15 hours a day, and sometimes longer!  Please do not ask to leave early because you have a date, need a haircut or go to a doctor's appointment.  You are needed to be there as long as the director can use you in the shot.

Please note that IF you are a person that does not have patience, or does not like waiting, then this may not be the business that you want to be in.  Being in a film takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  It is long hours, and most of the time you are sitting and waiting for just the right time for the director to use you!  So, please bring a book, crossword puzzles, game, or something to keep you QUIETLY occupied until it is time for you to go to set.  You will typically be asked to bring 3 sets of clothing with you.  Please stay away from solid white, red or black, unless you have been asked to bring those type clothes.  When casting calls you, you should know what to bring to wear, the location and directions, where to park, where extras holding is, and who to ask for!  Please DO NOT bring friends or family with you, as there is usually no place for others to sit or stay, while you are working.  The only exception to this would be IF you have a child under age that is working, and of course, a parent or guardian must be with the child.

If a child under 17 is working as an extra in NC, then you will need a worker's permit.  You can go online to get this:

Typically, extras are paid minimum wage.  You will be given a voucher when you arrive on set, and you should have your license, your SS# and/or your passport.  You are responsible for holding on to your voucher until the end of the day, and you will turn it in then.  Please DO NOT bring any valuables that could be "lost" or "misplaced" while on set.  It is YOUR responsibilty to take care of your own possessions.  If you are going to be in a "period" film, like 1940's or 1960's or so, you will be asked to come into wardrobe to be fitted, usually the day or so before you start filming.  Sometimes you are asked to bring your own clothes to wear on set.  If they are "period correct" you may not have to get any clothing from the wardrobe department. You are responsible for taking care of vintage clothing while you are wearing this on set.  Please be careful!

Most of the time, you will do your own hair and makeup, but sometimes there are exceptions and you may be sent to the hair and makeup trailer to get this done.

Extras are responsible for their own way back and forth to the set.  The production does NOT pay for you to come to work, nor does it pay for your hotel stay or your clothing. 

While on set, if you are there 6 hours after CREW CALL, not your call time, you will get to eat lunch or dinner, whichever the time that you are filming. The cast and crew ALWAYS eats first.  They may get in line in front of you, and you must let them.  This is "set protocol".  The crew has to eat and get back to set, but the extras most of the time, can eat and wait for their time to go on set.

Typically, all sets are CLOSED SETS.  Which again means, if you are not booked to work, then do not come on the set.  Most of the time, cameras are not allowed on set either.  However, please ask the Casting Director that calls you if you can bring your camera.

If you are called to work, and it is raining the next day, do not assume that you will not be working!  Please go to set at your designated time, not unless you are called and told not to come to the set.  Please know that things change in a MOMENT'S NOTICE in this business.  Anything can happen!  I like to post on my site when calltimes are, so that people will know if anything changes.  I tell everyone to check my site BEFORE they leave to come to set to make sure nothing has changed!

Hope this has been of help to you all!  The best part is seeing yourself on screen!  Thanks and have a party!  WOOHOO!