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Special Thanks!

There are so many people out there that I would

love to thank for everything that they have

helped with or through,

throughout my life!

These people are listed in no certain order:

I FIRST have to thank my

Heavenly Father for my life,

my family and my friends!

My wonderful husband Joe, who is my ROCK!

My beautiful daughter, Tiffany, who is my best friend!

My wonderful grandsons, Caleb and Gabriel, who are my heart!

My sister, Debbie, my best friend and my "travel buddy"!

Harry Welch, Jr

Ralph S Singleton

Grainger Hines

Marty Siu

Ken F.

Juleigh Ed and AJ

Sheila B.

Robin Baker

Nikki Sue

Troy E.


All of my cast and crew, agents

and casting director friends on

all of the movies that

I have worked on in the past! 

I will never forget you!

Then, my other friends, who have been

there for support, Robin, Nancy,

Debi, Susie...thanks so much, as you have been there when

I needed you most!


Josephine Wall painting!