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Brad Paisley Concert  6-6-09

Dierks Bentley in Concert 6-6-09

Jimmy Wayne in concert  6-6-09

April/May 2009
Me and Orlando Bloom on the feature "Main Street"

Colin Firth on Main Street

Orlando with (his then) Girlfriend Miranda (Victoria's Secret Model) on Main Street

Ellen Burstyn & Patricia Clarkson on "Main Street"

Feb 2009
Me and the beautiful KENDYL SHAW!
*Watch out world, Kendyl is HOT and rising
to the top"!! Listen 4 her on the radio!

Me, Nana, Tiffany & Caleb at Graduation 6-09

Miss Chelsea Cooley Miss USA 2005

Kendyl Shaw with #1 hit songwriter, Kirsti Manna

Feb 2009

Kendyl with #1 singer/songwriter Vaughan Penn

3-09 Nashville, TN
Kendyl Shaw, Vaughan Penn, Me

Bonnie Johnson & Miley Cyrus on THE LAST SONG 2009

Tiffany LeShai McMinn & Jarrod Bruce   at a Premiere 2005

Maxann & Doug Louwellyn 2005

Maxann & John Wesley Shipp  2005

Maxann & Sonny Shroyer & Berly 2005

Randy Jones & Maxann  2005
*What was up w/my hair!!!!

Robert D. Raeford & Maxann 2005

Dean Sams *Lonestar* & Maxann 2003

Me, Marty Siu and "who" is that with the beautiful eyes"?
At surprise B-day "celebrity party" in Wilmington! FUN!

Judging the Miss American Royalty Beauty Pageant