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Summer Camp


We are looking at Summer Camp for June and July 2013!
Lots of things happening!  Will post exact dates soon!
Please contact me first, before you send any money to reserve your spot.
I am seeing how much interest there is before I commit!  Thank you!


SUMMER CAMP is just around the corner!!!
It would be in Rock Hill, SC
Drop off and pick up:
*(You will check in on Wed afternoon and start on Thursday.  For those
that need to check in on Thursday, you would come in by 9:00am)

Saturday, there will be a showcase of the talent at 3:00pm

Cost would be $350.
Lunch and snacks provided

The one in Rock Hill is an intensive 3 day camp,
with lots of learning in acting.  Showcase of what is learned on Sat afternoon.

Deadline to reserve your spot on June 14th is June 1st!  
Must send in a $100 non refundable deposit by then!

Send your deposit to:

Maxann Crotts Harvey
PO Box 36544
Rock Hill, SC  29732

This is going to be so much fun!  Got lots of things planned!  This will be the first summer camp!  Come and help us make this successful!
This camp will be a drop off and pick up.  

Please Email me at and I will send the application that needs to be filled out!

There will also be a summer camp in Morganton, NC in July.
Cost for this one is $600 for the 3 days.
This particular camp will include Horseback riding.

DATE is TBD for Morganton, NC.



Summer camp this year.
I will accept all ages, from ages 4 and up.

This summer camp will include training on ACTING and MODELING! *( modeling by request only)

It will be a Thursday/Friday/Saturday learning event for one week, and then if you want to attend the next week, it will be Mon, Tues, Wed.

I am looking at doing a 3 day camp and teach acting skills, improv, scene study, commercials, and then we switch, and let them do the teaching! How does that sound?

If you are interested, let me know.
I am just making my list right now.  It will be in Rock Hill, SC.
I am also looking to have one near Hickory, NC/Asheville, NC area.
*(It is possible that this location may provide a stayover situation with sleeping bags.  I just have to wait and see if this can happen, otherwise, I will get some great hotel arrangements and rates close by*)!!

One in June and one in July and one in August in the Charlotte, NC area, and then the same in the Asheville/Hickory NC area.

Let me know if you are interested, and which one.  I am gathering information right now on
all the details.  I will post here when I have decided on the cost, etc.  In my research, I have seen that the costs are around $700-800 for 5 days.
I will not charge that amount, maybe half, as I will not be open to have a lot of students to attend at one time.

I am looking at it to be an all day event, with lunch and snacks provided.

This would be a camp where you would drop off and then come and pick up.  I will be looking for some great hotel rates for everyone that needs it.

The last day will be a "showcase" of what they have learned.

Lunch and snacks will be provided.

I am trying to work on a price that will be affordable, and one that people could start now by paying payments until time of the camp.
I will be asking for a deposit of $100 to hold your spot, as this will be only for a certain number of people.

The summer camp will start on a Wed, continue on Thurs, Fri and Sat.  Sat will be rehearsal for the showcase that night.  This will be open
for all parents and friends to attend.

Thanks a million!
Email me if you are interested!