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Contests TBD!

Babies will be able to compete in Photogenic and Costume of Choice.

Age Categories:

Ages: Babies up to 12 months, 1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-14, 15-19, 20-25, and 25 and over.

You will come prepared with your own monologue or commercial.
If you need help finding material, just ask!  I will be happy to help you!
Total amount of time should NOT be over one minute.
You may enter either:
1. Monologue
2. Commercial

You must come prepared with your own music.  
You may sing any type of song you prefer, whether it is Country, Christian, Pop or other.
You must label your music with your
name on the CD that you give us, with the name of the song.
Song should only have music in the background. No longer than 3 minutes!
* You MAY bring your own instrument to accompany you, if you like!

You must bring your own music for your dancing.  It can be Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Ballet,
Tap, Modern or other. Dancing should not be longer than 2 minutes.

If you want music with your dancing, please bring the music with you.  No longer than 2 minutes.
 You are welcome to enter more than one category. There will be 3 categories of Modeling:
1.  Formal
2.  Bathing Suit
3. Casual

This should be a Costume Character: Cinderella, Clown, Costumes of Different Countries, etc.
The sky is the limit, so be creative!

Photogenic pictures must be at least 5x7 or 8x10.
1.  Black and White Non Touched up
2.  Black and White~ Touched up
3.  Color~ Not touched up
4.  Glitz~ Touched up

There will be all cash awards in each age category!
$100 to the person with the highest score in each age category!
Trophies and/or plaques or ribbons given to the runners up.
There will be 2 runners up in each age division.

There will be one OVERALL winner!  This goes to the person with the highest combined score
of 3 different categories.  You must compete in 3 categories to be considered for the Overall Winner.
The OVERALL CASH PRIZE is TBD!  But, it will be over $100. Also included
in the Overall Winner Package is an AWESOME GIFT BASKET.
I will have more info closer to the date of the competition and I will post here!

Our judges will be Industry Judges that are well qualified for this competition.

There is a $50 entry fee per category of Acting, Singing, Dancing, Modeling and Costume.
Photogenic fee is $25 for first photo, and $10 for each additional photo.  No limit.

Day of Competition:
Competition will begin with the Acting Division at 10:00am on Sat. July 14th, 2012
Doors will open at 8:00am for you to get in to get ready.
Admission time for others will be 9:30am.

One child and one parent will be admitted for free with one paying competitor.
All others will pay $10 to watch and $5 for children to watch.
Discounts for multiples in a family.

Entry Fees Deadline is July 1st, 2012.

Make sure you label ALL of your property with name and contact info!!

**Competition director has the right to cancel competition or category without enough

Please copy and paste the below entry fee to be filled out!

                                          REGISTRATION FORM

NAME of CONTESTANT:  _________________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:     ______________________________________________
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________
CITY: ________________________________ STATE: ___________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________________________
What are your hobbies? _____________________________________________
What is your favorite food? __________________________________________
Which actor/model/dancer/singer would you say that you are more like or compared
to and why? _______________________________________________________

AGE CATEGORY: ________________________________________________
ACTING _________   
1. Monologue _____
2. Commercial ____

SINGING ________
Song Choice? _____________________________________

DANCING _______
Dance type _______________________________________

1. Formal    _______
2. Bathing Suit _____
3. Casual__________
*(Runway or Freestyle for each)

COSTUME: ________
Character choice ___________________________________

1.  Black and White ~Non Touched up    How many?________
2.  Black and White~ Touched up    How many? __________
3.  Color~ Not touched up      How many?  ______________
4.  Glitz~ Touched up   How many?  ___________________

How many admission tickets are needed @ $10 each? ______________
Contestant and one parent is free.
Children 12 and under are $5.00 each.

$50 per category and $50 per each Division, except for Photogenic.
Acting:  $50 for Commercial, $50 for Monologue.
Modeling:  $50 for Casual   $50 for Formal
Photogenic: Black & White Non touched up ______$25
Photogenice: Glitz  __________________$10 additional

***You may check in on Friday, July 13th to get your number and extra
admission tickets, as well as turn in your photogenic pictures.***

*Please make sure your name and contact info is somewhere on a sticker
or other on the back of the photos and all music! 

*Please do not mail in photos!  Photos will be accepted on Check in date
of Friday, July 13th from 3-7pm.  Keep photos in an envelope to keep them together.
You may pick up your photos the first thing when you enter the competition.

Location of competition will be announced when you submit your information
with payment of your entry/entries.

Amount enclosed:  _____________________________________

I will not hold Maxann Crotts-Harvey and Maxann's Talent Competition,
it's associates, it's assigns, it's location or helpers will not be responsible for loss, 
theft, damage, or accidents which may occur before, during or after the competition.

I understand that I am participating on my own free will or I am entering for my
child and give them permission to enter this competition.

I am presently looking into hotel accommodations at a discount rate.  Will let you
know this as soon as I get all the info!

*Director reserves the right to cancel, change date or location.  Entry fees will be
reimbursed IF the event is canceled.  If you cancel, fees are non-refundable.

Contestant may be asked to leave if contestant is being unruly or not showing 
good sportsmanship. If asked to leave, you will be disqualified and will not receive
any awards nor a refund.

Please sign that you have read and understand all rules.

*__________________________________________ Date _______________
Signed by Competitor or if under 18, signed by Parent.

Please send in the above Registration Form and your entry fees by July 1, 2012 to:
Maxann Crotts-Harvey
PO Box 36544
Rock Hill, SC  29732