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If you have an upcoming workshop, please let me know and I will list it!


I am not teaching any workshops at this time. 



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Acting workshops are great to network with others as well.  Always continue to perfect your craft.  One or two classes or workshops is not what it takes!  It takes a lifetime of working to hone your craft!  Many superstars STILL take classes to brush up!  Do as much as you can, when you can.  Never think that you are the best, because there is always someone else out there better!  But, you CAN be the best YOU can be! Go for it!!! You CAN do it!



To keep up with the industry and know what is going on, you should always continue to perfect your craft!  Workshops are a valuable tool for actors to keep busy as well as learn new techniques and tips.  Every workshop is usually different, so if you learn just one thing at your workshop, that is great, because what kind of price can you put on knowledge?

Workshops can include:

How to find an agent, The importance of photos, How much photos cost, How to find auditions, How to get an audition, What your agent does for you, What a Casting Director does, Audition Techniques, The do's and don'ts at an audition, Set protocol, set "lingo", Who's Who, What to wear to an audition, How to get your SAG card, Film Terms, What makes a headshot good or bad, Why one actor got the role and you didn't, Getting a callback, The difference between commercials and films, Print Work, What a Casting Director is looking for, Cold Reads,  and just so much more.  The first 2 hours is packed full of great information for you to know in this business.  Then each person will be given a commercial and/or a monologue script to read. You will have a break to learn the script.  We will also do IMPROV, and this is so much fun!  So come to learn and have fun!  There is so much more to this workshop! I have people who continue to come back, just for the improv!   We may also film you at the workshops. 


A Quote regarding IMPROV:

"Improv teaches you to think quickly, develop instant characterizations, and know what to do when the unexpected happens in auditions or any performance venue. Improv taps into the actor's creativity and is a great self-esteem builder."  Helen Kearney Konen


Quotes from previous students on the workshops:

The latest email:

"Hi Maxann, My name is Jeff Crofut . I attended one of your workshops in Raleigh a few months ago and you took my headshots there also . I had a great time and I learned many valuable things . I read a Micheal Keaton monologue from Beetlejuice if that helps you remember me . That was fun . I've had an interesting time the past few months . I went to a casting call for Army Wives but was not called back . Then I went to a call for the CBS Untitled Medical Drama and I did work as an extra on that . It was so much fun and so interesting . I was way in the background for some scenes with Sissy Spaceck but right in front of the camera for some scenes with Jeanine Garaffalo and Jay Hernandes . I also just got cast in a feature roll in "Ten" as Detective Dan Lee . I am very excited and I used your advice at my audition and got the part , thank you . All of these parts I found out about on your website . Thanks again for everything. Jeff..."

 "Hello Maxann,
I really enjoyed the workshop.  You shared a great deal of useful information.  I really liked the way that
you allowed us to share and  the way you got us involved.  The activities were alot of fun.  The day
just went by too fast.  Oh yes, it was good to get together and make new friends and share experiences".
Thank you,
Woody Sampson


"Maxann's workshop was enthusiastically applauded by all here in Greenville NC.  She reviews all aspects of the film business you need to know.  Beginning actors as well as seasoned veterans walked away with useful information to help further their careers.  She is a delight; and the workshop is essential for actors in the Southeast region".
Lee Armstrong

"Maxann, your workshops are da bomb!  Being a seasoned actor, I felt like it was worth the money, and I also loved the improv!  Thank you for what you do"!                                            Adam S.

"I was one of the students in your last weekend's workshop.  I have to say that I came in not knowing anything about this business and now I am ready to move forward with my career.  Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in your workshop.  I will definitely let others know that want to get started in the movie industry".  Karen B.

"Thanks for a great workshop!  Loved the gifts!  I learned a lot and now I want headshots".  Mary Cauthen

"Dear Maxann, I have to say that your workshop was one of the most fun workshops I have ever attended!  I love the Improv, and learned some little tips on your critique of my acting.  I would recommend everyone to come to one of your workshops.  Thank you again"!   David M.

"Your workshop really gave me the confidence I need to get started.  I didn't know I had it in me.  Thank you".  William K

"I brought my son and my daughter to your workshop.  I was surprised at what I thought I knew!  I feel that both children now have gained some experience and knowledge and we are going to be moving on further with their careers.  Thanks for the great headshots, too!  They were awesome!  I can't pick out just one, as they were all so good!  I would highly recommend your workshop to others. Thank you"!  Ms Mary Hammond


Thank you for the wonderful workshop. You got us so pumped that I've been checking agencies out on the web this evening. Thank you again! I think I will sleep on everything, continue to meet, or contact, agents over the next month. Then start getting our feet wet on a smaller scale. I will keep a daily eye on your may see her as an extra soon!! I only thought she was excited before....your workshop has put her on cloud nine. It has made me start taking her desire more seriously". 

Many Thanks,
Tiffany and Beverly Bunch


* Footnote on refund policy:  Money is non-refundable if you cancel for any reason,and you have paid a deposit or paid in advance; however, you can come to any other workshop with no extra charge, because we will transfer your money to another workshop of your choice, as you are actually paying to reserve your seat.  If we cancel because of not enough participants, we will refund your money.  We hold monthly workshops all over NC/SC.  We are working once again to get more workshops in Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia.*

Our Address is PO Box 36544, Rock Hill, SC  29732